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Islamic Azad University, Shahrood Branch With More Than 12000 Student ...

In the name of god


 With more than 30 years’ experience and educational background, a beautiful campus with 110000 m2 area, IslamicAzad University, Shahrood branch (SIAU) is the biggest branch of IslamicAzad University in Semnan province. SIAU campus includes dozens of buildings, laboratories, research centers, 240000 m2 garden, educational hospital, sport hall and football stadium, 12000 students in undergraduate, post graduate etc. All SIAU staffsstrive with total effort to educate good researchers and attain excellence in science, technology and culture in all academic fields. We are very pleased that you have chosen SIAU to continue your studies and we hope that you find all of your desired in SIAU


Dr.Hossein Badiee.